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Liver pain?!

Hello all, i hope you all doing well.

I have been diagnosed with liver Fibroses after having NAFLD. I still do not know what is causing my liver to get worse and neither do the doctors and it is so frustrating. Also i do not speak a lot about my pain and stress this gives me.

To make it worse recently (about 4 months ago) to be exact i have started to get some terrible sharp pain on my right side lower ribs. Sometime it is so sharp i cannot even breathe.

I have shared this with my liver specialist and my GP but they seem as clueless as me!

I have a scanner on the 25 of April but this is really worrying, it seems there is no solution.

I would like your experiences with liver fibrosis or something similar just so I know I ma not alone on this.

Thank you all and best wishes.

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Are you seeing a Hepatologist and what bloods have been done in the way of testing for various Liver Issues.

Also what are your liver enzyme results, are they outside the norm?


Have you reviewed your nutrition and lifestyle.  A diet high in carbohydrates and sugars can make NAFLD worse.


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