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Hi there

I posted a few weeks ago as I had an ultrasound scan as I had been having stomach acid etc.  My GP then told me that the scan results said I had cirrhosis and asked me about my drinking over the years.

I have had some drink problems in the past so told her about them etc.  She referred me to the Liver consultant whom I saw on Wednesday.  I have not had alcohol for 3 months now.

The consultant said that the ultrasound scan showed "echotexture coarse" and after hearing my alcohol history etc he said he did not think that it was alcohol related and that it was because I was 3 stone overweight with a BMI of 30.1 (which I know and am attending weightwatchers at the moment) and I probably have a fatty liver (but he did say that sometimes these scans are over-reported).   

He said my blood tests taken at the time of the scan were not that bad.

he is sending me for a fibroscan in a couple of weeks and will see what that brings.   

I have to say even though my GP was quite nasty when she told me I had cirrhosis and should be very afraid - she did me a favour because I have not had alcohol for 3 months and I don't even want it any more!  I did feel absolutely awful though at the time of the scan and feel much better now.

Will keep you informed.  xx

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The fibroscan will give you a better idea about where you at with things. The lower the score the better. Unfortunately if it is non alcoholic liver disease the cirrhosis tolerance is only 11.8 or higher where as if it is alcohol injuiced I think it's something like 23 or over but 18 -23 is basically more chirrotic than fibrotic.

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Keep up the good work Alison 6902

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The doctor should have not have even said that as a fibroscan is more accurate x good on you for stopping drinking x that will really help with the weightless x I stopped drinking last September and have lost two stone x I was told I was a step away from chirrosis and had severe fibrosis but not drinking my last fibroscan showed my liver was back to normal x so good luck and keep going with the healthy living x

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I stopped drinking for January but GP told me she thought i may have pancreatitis so never touched a drop since.  My bloods have been chronically elevated for months now so awaiting biopsy,  unfortunately my weight isn't coming down as yet as i have severe mobility issues due to arthritis.  From one ex drinker to another,  keep it up, alchol no longer bothers me


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