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Hep C patient survey

The British Liver Trust is constantly trying to draw attention to the important issues being faced by people living with hepatitis C and get our voices heard. We are therefore supporting a new hepatitis C patient empowerment campaign ‘I’m Worth….’ that will be launched later this year, highlighting that everyone deserves to access the best care possible.


To help others understand the needs of people living with hepatitis C, we are looking to capture your thoughts and opinions in a survey.


The survey will ask you a little about your medical history, how hepatitis C has impacted your life, how you feel about your current care situation and your potential experience of discrimination and stigma.


The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete and please be assured that all your answers are anonymous and confidential and that nothing you say can be attributed back to you. The anonymised data will be used to support campaign activities targeting the media, healthcare professionals and the general public. 


Please take part in this anonymous survey by clicking on the link below:


We believe that this is a great opportunity for you to have your voice heard and help make an impact for all people living with hepatitis C in the UK.

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