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Recently diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatatis. Feeling scared. Home from hospital one week and currently on 40mg steriods, stomach tablet and Vit d and calcium. ..... I'm 40 years old and have 4 children ranging from 15 to 18months. Was a fitness instructor before this hit me with a bang. Still feeling rotten as 1st admitted to hospital 22nd Dec with deranged liver readings. Got out after 3 weeks to be re admitted after 2. Been a tough time.

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Join the Autoimmune Hepatitis UK facebook page.

Its a private 'closed' group so nothing appears on your timeline.

There are 651 members to date, most but not all in the UK. Great advice and support and answers to all those questions you have buzzing round in your head.

Yes you will feel rotten for a while, combination of the illness, the meds and the shock. But it does get better.


There is also a much larger group on Facebook , which is global lead by a Dr. It is called auto Immune Hepatitus network Research.


Thank you will look into that as well xx


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