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Last week I went to my diabetic nurse for my routine check up. Normally my sugar levels are fine, though I do usually struggle with my blood pressure (already on 2 tablets for it).

I got there and after my foot check etc, she told me she had booked an appt with the doctor for straight after that, as they had detected some live damage. My sugar levels were high, and my medication was upped, my blood pressure was high again, and they've upped my medication for that, and my cholesterol was also high (7.4) and they've now put me on statins.

The type of diabetes I have is MODY, a genetic type. I'm 5'0 and 9st - so not overweight etc. I eat as healthily as I can, don't have a sweet tooth and try and avoid fatty foods. Sugar levels are generally well controlled.

I was in a bit of shock really, and couldn't take anything in that the doctor was saying - it was a bit of a blur. She mentioned fatty liver, hepatitis, was going on about heart disease and stroke etc, and scheduled me in for more blood tests and to check my blood pressure on 15th Feb.

Tried not to read too much into it all before I go back but I've noticed that the symptoms are muscle and joint pain and fatigue... I've been going back and forth to my doctor since late August with excrutiating muscle and joint pain and fatigue. In October my DR said she thinks it might be Fibromyalgia and would refer me to a specialist. I'm still waiting to hear from a specialist. Do you think it's possible that the pains are to do with the liver or fibromyalgia as she said?

Sorry for the essay - hope that makes sense!


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Fibromyalgia does cause overall aches and pains but can be diagnosed via blood tests and assessing if your pain sites are typical. General aches and pains and fatigue can be sooooo many things it takes a bit of detective work from a GP to test for and rule out everything, anything from myalgia up to MS.

Can you work with your diabetes team to find out what is causing the elevated blood sugar levels and the elevated BP etc? Is there a diabetic support forum here on health unlocked that would be useful for you?


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