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Mellows husband again with dedication

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Dedication to the cause today, 12 mile round trip to get unprocessed deli ham πŸ˜€ any advice regarding diet, read a lot about the importance of diet for my wonderful wife, but no website seems to have the perfect shopping list for someone with liver cirrhosis, any ideas or advice welcome, thanks hope you are all having a happy, positive weekend.

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Hi,it's confusing I know,the same I think for anyone who aspires to improve their diet.Easy on the red meat-preferably none.Chicken/fish is far better.Beware salt and sugar,cut back as much as poss-beware say,tinned beans/soups/red sauce etc which like most processed foods which are generally groaning with salt,this applies too to ready-cooked/microwaveable foods.Always bear in mind that salt is the cheapest way to 'flavour' processed crap.Lots of rice/pasta/leafy vegetables etc.Go organic as much as you can-if you like eggs,buy them off a local small scale friend/producer.Distrust supermarket foods.If you like meat buy it from your local butcher.I happen to keep a dozen hens,they attempt to wreck my veg patch every summer because they are free range.When you buy 'free range' eggs from a supermarket,they often use suppliers that keep 30,000 hens on,say,an acre or so,and allow each bird access to a 12" square or so,for an hour or so each day-its completely legal to sell on these eggs as 'free range',even then,they can often be 2/3 weeks old when you buy them....If poss grow your own veg-because,then You're in control,and avoid herbicide residues,obviously alcohol is pouring petrol on a fire.Personally,I'm in no way convinced by the charlatans that push magic potion/supplements.I hope that's Food for thought-sorry,terrible pun there,good luck with it all,best wishes to you both.

I eat no more than 400 grams sodium a day, no processed foods, nothing from bags, no metal or alumnium cans, mostly organ, lots of organic juice, buy a juicer, no meat not even organic, no milk or cheese. Basically fruits, veggies, yogurt, organic grains that I cook, dates, prunes, nuts and seeds and no more than 2 quarts fluid a day. Protein can cause mental confusion, it builds up ammonia the liver cannot throw off and it hits the brain. We are all at different stages but thats how I eat, I have for years now. I gave up what I had to so that I would be stronger and happier.

Hi, agree with Cityman, nothing processed (too much salt and sugar). Organic eggs, chicken, lots of veg, a little fruit (berries are best). Natural organic yoghurt, butter (not processed spreads), olive oil, wholewheat, brown rice. Just 'real food' and little and often. I drink bottled water, decaf coffee and my guilty pleasure is elderflower presse (probably too much sugar in it!).

Tell Mellow good luck with endoscopy tomorrow, it will be fine. I always ask for sedation and then you don't remember too much about it.

I would add I do take some supplements, but that was my personal decision.

Anne X

😘😘😘 well done mellow1 hubby ❀️❀️❀️ you are fab xxxx

Can only go by what was told for Rob - small and often (he had no appetite) - he would have lots of protein rich foods but then was told by Kings that hee should have less protein as it makes 'hepatic encephalopathy' worse πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” think the main 'aim' is to eat a well balanced diet that provides suitable nutrition (as cirrhotics are more likely to lose muscles mass etc due to the liver not sorting out the distribution of proteins etc) - think if mellow1 is eating a good balance of things she enjoys then you can't go wrong 😘😘😘😘 1 day rob would have toast (with real butter πŸ˜‚ they said its a must) and not much else then the next day he would want cereal ??? And then the next lamb chops πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so I would go with whatever she feels like - not much help I'm afraid but I remember preparing all these lovely healthy meals and he would look at it and say 'I can't eat that - can I have some toast' 😫😫😫 Muller rice - was a good one for snacks and he loved ice lollies ???? - whatever you do for mellow1 I know that she appreciates it 😘😘😘 you are doing a wonderful job ❀️❀️❀️❀️ much love x

I read that boiled eggs help the liver .... and it's a case of not what to eat, i.e. fatty foods.

Regards Phil.

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