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Nervous about diagnosis

Hi, everyone. I'm seeing my consultant next week and I'm very scared. I just had a fibroscan result of 10.7. My MRI showed shrunken left liver lobe and dilated bile duct. ALP about 500,

Ggt about 600, ALT goes up and down but high of about 450. I don't drink alcohol. BMI about 18.2. Multiple gallstones although not thought to be in a bad part of the gallbladder. Cholesterol about 9.4 although it was always about 5 until this past year. Could anyone reassure me that I will live to see another day? By the way, other than a slightly diminished appetite, I feel fine!

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The left lobe of the liver is made up of two of the 8 segments, so is smaller than the right lobe. I have no idea whether that is good or bad, but the liver is remarkably resilient and may cope with 2 of its segments being less than perfect. Your enzymes are pretty high so there must be lots of inflammation present. Has a biopsy been done or suggested as a way to get a diagnosis? The Fibroscan is not too bad, suggests fibrosis not cirrhosis, but with that level of inflammation I would be wanting to know the cause so that it can be treated and the rate of damage slowed. Is there any suggestion of a bile related problem such as PSC, cholangitis or pancreatitis. The multiple stones could be part of the reason your enzymes are high. Do you have any symptoms of a bile duct obstruction such as itching or jaundice?

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Bolly, thanks for writing. The consultant did mention a liver biopsy as a possible next step. I don't have itching or jaundice. Yes, we all really want to know the cause. Two possible causes suggested were PBC or gallstones in the bile duct.


Dear Pixieblake,

I do hope that you get all your results soon - and find out the main reason for all this. This site is full of positive, resilient, knowledgeable souls - so please keep sharing so that we can help or point you in the right direction. As Bolly has said the liver is very resilient...

Do not worry as I am sure everything will be ok...



Dear Pear,

Thanks so much for your encouragement and support. I'm starting to calm down a little. I'll keep you posted.



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