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Zoledronic Acid and the new HCV Treatment


My Rheumatologist prescribed the Zoledronic intravenous injection for me for Osteoporosis. I have cancelled my appointment because yesterday I received a phone call telling me that I am going to have the new HCV treatment.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me. Can I have the Zoledronic Annual injection and also the new HCV treatment at the same time. I have been given another appointment for the injection on the 16th of this month and I don't want to jeopardise my HCV treatment.

Bolly, you always have the answers, could you answer this one, please? I would be so grateful to anyone please because I have drawn a blank so far.

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Firstly Tatjana I am delighted to hear you will start HCV treatment shortly. I'm hoping there are others on here on the same drug regime, as you will be able to exchange experiences.

I cant help you with the zolendronic injections I'm afraid. I'm relying on calcium and Vit D3 to maintain osteopenia so have not had to ask if bisphosphonates would be contraindicated with my HBV and AIH meds. I do know people on the AIH facebook page who take Azathioprine, prednisolone and also bisphosphonates so it may be possible that you can take bisphosphonates at the same time as whatever the HCV drug will be, but I think that's a question for your liver specialist!


Thanks so much for your response Bolly. I have just received an email back from my Liver Specialist after I told him that even the manufacturers did not know the answer. He also did not know the answer and told me as the HCV treatment for me lasts only 12 weeks I should wait and not take the Zolentronic injection. I will wait as I do not want to take any chances.

I too take Prednisolone and I know that it is not contraindicated with the Hep C treatment.

I will check the IAH Facebook page. Thanks Bolly.


Sounds like a sensible plan. As the HCV treatment is now your priority, and the Zolentronic is an annual top up, it makes sense to prioritise curing the HCV and not stressing about the bone density side of things. You could perhaps revert to taking calcium/Vit D tablets while on HCV Tx (or perhaps you take these anyway?)


Thanks Bolly. Yes I do take the calcium/vit D tablets twice daily,


Personally I wouldn't as zolendric acid can be a bit harsh on the kidneys and I would just dedicate myself to new treatment which I have done and it worked! You can have zolendric acid later? That's me anyway.

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Mousehold have I lost the plot on my treatment? I did write a response to you regarding Cathy71 a few minutes ago and three months ago I wrote about Zolendronic Acid injection, to which you have just responded. The treatment I am having now is for HCV - Harvoni and Ribavirin? X


Yes, I have had that treatment for hep c and it worked. Also have osteoporosis so know about zol acid. Have I lost the plot? Probably ..


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