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Dreams where I'm desperate for a drink. Common?

It's been 3 years since I last had a drink but it concerns me I keep having consistent dreams where I'm desperately searching for alcohol or I'm drunk. In the dream I feel terrible guilt for relapsing and know this time it will kill me.

Does anyone else have these dreams? I wonder if it's my unconscious mind reminding me how close to death I came .

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I think it's because you are going through a stressful turmoil in your life at this point after having turned your life around three years ago. and as you said you are so worried about it .

I think it's your subconscious mind reminding you and backing up what your conscient mind is already telling you and also at the same time warning you.

It sounds like a very sensible unconscious mind too!

I hope you have got your job back or found one with more symapthetic management

All the Best,


i have a long history of opiate addiction ive been clean for 6 years however i used to have these type of dreams id be just about to take heroin and the police would be kicking the door down THEY WILL STOP these dreams are your sub concious self healing dont despair stay strong and good luck


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