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Answered my own question RE jabs

I,ve found the website that stressed certain jabs are required for cirrhosis of the liver, NOT, fatty liver and other recoverable liver conditions which i think is where the ambiguity of advice has come from. The below excerpt is from the British Liver trust official website:-

Looking after yourself

Vaccines and protecting yourself from infection

People with liver disease are more vulnerable to infections, and if they do get an illness, are more likely to become severely ill. As a result, it is really important to keep up-to-date with vaccinations. As with medications,

it is important to make the doctor or nurse aware of your liver condition and tell them if there have been any changes in your condition, before having treatment.

• Flu: visit your GP for a flu jab every autumn.

• Pneumococcal infection: get a jab to protect against this major cause of chest infection, when you are diagnosed with liver disease and then every 10 years.

• Hepatitis A and B: these infections are much more serious in people who already have another liver disease, so visit your GP for the full course and the booster when due.

Good luck guys and please advise of any conflict of advice from any reliable source.

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