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I remember a previous post regarding whether you would be allowed on the transplant list if you smoked cannabis and indeed tobacco upto 6 months prior to the transplant assessment (alcohol is a definate nono if you wanna get on the list).

Anyway i was speaking with a couple of ambulance guys on the way to St James casualty a couple of days ago (don,t ask why) and was told it was acceptable unofficially. Please dont take this as a thumbs up to becoming a pothead, but, if you have stopped drinking and werent going to bother even applying for a transplant due to smoking weed like myself then i think you should reconsider...i,ll be making arrangements myself this week and will report back the process if anyone is interested?!

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Hello. Judging by my own (limited) experience of ambulance guys, they know nothing about the finer points of liver transplantation. Why would they? I'll also be interested to know how you go about making arrangements to "apply" for a transplant.

I heard from a fellow transplantee while in hospital that he was smoking at the actual moment he took the call calling him in for the operation. When asked if he smoked, he confidently replied "No". He was transplanted the next day. Mind you, he paid for it post-transplant when he had to deal with a chest infection. Swore he would never smoke again. Best wishes.


Smoking canabis is also a 'NONO' - ambulance technicians/drivers only have limited medical training and wouldn't have any real knowledge of liver transplants apart from what they had heard from other patients etc !!!!! I know of someone that smoked canabis occasionally and wasn't listed until his toxicology proved he was no longer smoking it - at the end of the day it is a case of 'living or smoking canabis' and is your choice - also in UK we don't 'request' liver transplants - they are offered to patients when the experts believe it is time to list them 😘😘😘 good luck and will be interested to hear what Drs say xx


My advise would be to speak to your consultant about transplantation. You don't apply for transplantation to my knowledge you are referred to an assessment hospital, if your consultant thinks it's appropriate. It's up to you to convince them if they say no. I was first told no, as he believed I was too far gone. I went home digested what this ment and insisted I go for assessment.

Don't tell them you smoke but give up immediately, if you get transplanted you will have to give up all smoking anyway. And pretransplant if they can tell you're smoking you won't get on the list.

The reason for this is that the autoimmune represents you take after transplant to stop rejection have the side effect of making you much more susceptible to many cancers.

If you're looking to get on the list it's time to give up all vices, eat a low salt high protien diet and stay as fit and positive as possible. This is what the assessment is about. If you don't do it you won't get on the list. Sounds harsh but they're investing in you to do the best you can with a donars liver, and there is never enough to go round.

It's a stupid question, time to get serious!


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