Luck of the draw?

I wrote previously about my fiancés new diognosis of cirrhosis and got lots of kind words and advice. Here is an update, unfortunately while I was abroad with work last week, my fiancé suffered his first varice (?) bleed. His cousin was staying with him so he wouldn't be alone, so was was able to call an ambulance. However it was pretty bad, he was operated on that evening but fell very ill, they considered turning off support three days later but a new consultant saw him and declared he was up for getting him through it, that he believed he wasn't unsalvageable. He had a meeting with the family, plus my brother and they put a good case forward for what a fighter he is. I arrived the next day and had a meeting with the consultant, who was fantastic, and genuinely interested in his personality, how long he's been getting ill, do I think he wants to live, what our home life is like. At the end of this he said based on what he's heard from us all, he is going to personally take charge of his care, with a team looking after him, and get him better ( as he can be, obviously) provided he shows fight. which today he finally did, coming round, breathing on his own, trying to swing a punch at the male nurse, and demanding ribena! ( he's a little confused from a week under!)

BUT this is a different hospital he was taken to, by pure chance as the other was overstretched that night, to the one where we met the previous consultant, the one who seemed pretty heartless and to my mind seemed to dislike my fiancé on sight. That guy is the only liver specialist at that hospital, whereas in the new one they have a whole department.

I sincerely believe, had he been taken back to the original hospital, that they would of let him go, as a lost cause. I am over the moon with the care and compassion he has recieved so far. Sorry for the essay! But I think it shows no two hospitals are the same, if you are not happy with your care, ask to be referred elsewhere ( I'm no expert on how it all works mind!)

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  • You poor things this sounds very much like what happened to me,I know going by what my family say that you have been to hell and back that's such a stressful situation for you!!! I'm so glad you found a doctor that had faith in him and was prepared to fight with him, it makes all the difference. Glad he's awake and hopefully will start improving. They may put him on a beta blocker and a water tablet ( does he have ascites?) I'm proof that you can come back from this and continue to improve. All the best and look after yourself too! If I can be of any help just message me. Good luck.

  • Thankyou! Yes he had terrible ascites, has been hobbling in pain with his feet like balloons. Now in the hospital it has gone completely, they didn't even drain him, the consultant thinks malnutrition played a part. His feet are red raw now ,as if from massive blisters.

  • That's great. The ascites going by itself is a really positive sign Shows the liver is functioning well enough to drain that fluid off! Onward and upward is the way. All the best!!!

  • Im glad he's got a Dr. that wants to do his best by him. Its shameful that the last Dr. would give up on him so easily..I mean what's a life worth. Prayers to you and yours!

  • I hope your fiancee makes a full recovery as best as possible. As for the medical treatment I went to three hospitals when things were bleak two were fantastic and the other one should be shut down. The care I received was absolutely fantastic. And if your fiancee is a fighter he WILL pull through. When I was put into a induced coma I had as best I can describe had a pair of boxing gloves on. A nurse in the ICU told my sister after her and the rest of my family were told I wouldn't make it through the night that there's no way I will die without a hell of a fight. I think she was right as just over two years later I am still here. So chin up and keep the faith. I shall pray for him x

  • Thankyou! The consultant also wants to put together a team to tackle his massive incisional hernia( from near fatal duodenal ulcer two years ago), we've been waiting on surgery 18 months, all the while it kept getting bigger( he appears 6 months pregnant) he believes it has played a bigger part in this than at first thought, affecting his digestive system and appetite,causing pain and demoralizing him.

  • What a Wondeful story of hope and most of all it proves that you should never give up. Good luck to both and have a happy future to you both...

  • Sounds almost like a fairy tale! How lovely!

    Wishing him and you all the best.


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