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Spleen Size with Cirrhosis

Hi all,

I'd be keen to know what individuals spleen size was with Cirrhosis and whether you are/ were compensated or decompendated at the time. I'm compensated secondary to Hemochromatosis, dx at 24, my ultrasound bod told me that my spleen size was 24 centimetres and was one of the highest she has seen in Cirrhosis, I know the reasons why my spleen is enlarged, I just want to get an idea if I'm far away from Variaces and the like, I'd be keen for your input!

All the best!!


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One thing we've learned along this journey is that everyone is different and every individual's liver illness manifests in slightly different ways so not sure that your enlarged spleen will definitely lead to varices and comparing with others sizes might not necessarily give you an idea to follow - different sized people would have different sized organs to start off with either with or without liver disease.

My Hubbies spleen was showing as enlarged on utrasound at 17cm, he is fairly well compensated but has had varices and required 42 bands in a process of aggressive banding to eradicate them. He had very low platelets, very slow clotting and anemia plus during a CT scan it was discovered he also had numerous aneurysms in his splenic artery. He had these embolised in June of last year resulting in the death of most of his spleen which is now in the process of shrivelling up - the loss of his spleen has reduced his portal hypertension, increased his platelet numbers from 2 to 250 and speeded up his clotting but has reduced his immune system.

The improvements in his blood readings may actually see him being removed from the transplant list at some time in the future if improvements continue.

Are you having/had endoscopy's to check whether you have any varices or damage to your stomach lining? That would say whether any are showing, even an ultrasound can give some indication of high pressure in the portal vein.

All the best to you Tom, from Katie :)

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sorry your going through this at such a young age.

I am one of the lucky ones, i thought I had a Liver issue, but it turned out there was nothing wrong with it,my ultrasound said my spleen was normal and it was 10cm, so just trying to give you an idea of your size.

AyrshireK is correct, I have followed many peoples stories now and Liver disease is very unpredictable sometimes, on another forum im on there is a guy showing very advanced symptoms of near Liver failure,yet his Platelets are 220k and they havent found any varices.

An enlarged spleen is a marker for portal hyper tension, if you don't have ascites or varices, it will unfortunately mean they could develop at some point in the future


Hi Tom,

I'm 28 and have been diagnosed with AIH for 13 years. I have had an enlarged spleen for most of that time and I think it's currently around the 26cm mark. I have quite severe cirrhosis but not decompensated, portal hypertension and some small varices but they have never needed banding. I do take carvedilol, a beta blocker, which I think helps to prevent varices though you might want to look into that in more detail! In terms or diet, nothing has even been recommended to shrink the spleen.

If you want any more information or to private message me at all, please don't hesitate to ask.


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I suffer with aih and pbc and wondered if anyone in my situation has any dietary consultant tells me to eat anything I like but my doctor doesn't seem to have a clue and have heard very conflicting advice regarding fats,protein etc,would appreciate any help,thanks


Hi tom, I have alcoholic cirrhosis but compensated. I'm 40 and was diagnosed when I was 38 and haven't touched alcohol since then. I have an enlarged spleen but don't know what size, didn't ask. I have had varices and have had banding but are now under control and only have them checked once a year now. Also have enlarged veins in my stomach but take propranolol to help control this. But I am pretty fit and healthy and feeling good. Like the others have said everybodys case is different and what happens to one doesn't to another. Hope this helps, any questions feel free to ask. All the best


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