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What can cause your ALT to bounce around within normal limits?

My ALT has been bouncing around in the normal range (7-56) over the past few months. In November, it was 24 and in January, it was 55. Doctor said it's within normal limits and not to worry at all. Both my GP and my GI/Hep doctor said this. I have fatty liver and just found out that it has gone from moderate to severe, to mild over the past 10 months. I have been working really hard at this! Should I be concerned about the elevations? What kinds of things can cause ALT fluctuations? I ate and exercised horribly over November and December and gained about 8 pounds. That's what my GI thinks is the issue. My GP said that ALT just fluctuates sometimes. Does anyone know of any natural remedies that can help lower ALT? Also, does anyone know how to come off statins without your cholesterol coming back up? What types of things would I do? I know I could always go back on the statin if my cholesterol started going back up. My main problem was that my triglycerides were high, my good was bad and my bad was bad. Overall, my number was 289. I have since lost 60 pounds and eat a totally different diet now. I have a liver condition (fatty liver) and possibly NASH and would like to take as much stress off of my liver as possible. I take some other medications for anxiety disorder, panic attacks and depression that I will never be able to get off of. They appear to be pretty safe. It's the statin that I'd like to work on. What do you all think? Has anyone ever done this successfully?

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First off, stop worrying. Secondly, unless yourr seeing seriously high results Id forget about it. Why worry over something which is fluctuating normally and staying within normal range. Youre doing it again. Please dont worry about it all. Let me put it this way. If you hadnt had a blood test and didnt know the results, would you even know about it? No, so sometimes its better not having tests done when you feel ok and are doing everything in your mind to make things better. Try to maintain the healthier lifestyle. Without sounding disrespectful it may be better to concentrate on getting help for the things which are giving you symptoms ie the panic and stress, because you're coming over as someone who needs to be stressing about something.

Take it from me, we have one life, live it and enjoy it. If you're fit, and able to enjoy it then continue to do so. You cant let things which havent happened ruin your life. If you have kids and family, enjoy them. You know you have fatty liver, i do too but its something i am working on and unless it kills me then my life goes on regardless.

Try to get help for the main issues. Take up yoga and relaxation classes. Yoga is amazing for de-stressing. Good luck


Thanks for both of you helping me to realize that my anxiety is driving me and my fear and NOT the truth of what is really going on. I have struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks since I was a teenager and even though I take medication and go to counseling for it, I still get scared sometimes....especially when it comes to test results. I actually didn't have a fibroscan.....I had an ultrasound. My results came back with mild fatty liver, as opposed to moderate to severe fatty liver 10 months ago, so things are definitely getting better. My doctor had told me to expect it to take a couple of years for the fat to go away, as it took years to get there. And yes, you are both right. My ALT was 31 points higher than last time, but still within the range. Every other test (and they ran a ton of them) were perfect. I need to focus on the good that is happening in my body and stop worrying on a condition that I am changing on my own with my new lifestyle. Thanks for the stern encouragement! I really appreciate the tough love and the kind encouraging undertones of your emails. Going to go and hop on the treadmill right now! Robin


Got to echo what CaptM has advised, you had a great result the other day with your fibroscan and other tests, you are doing great with your new health and exercise routine and everything is going in the right direction regarding your liver. If you keep doing what you are doing and keep looking after it your liver is recovering and you are doing FINE, most of the population are walking around with some fatty infiltration of the liver and don't even know it. You wouldn't know about this ALT stuff if you weren't getting blood tests and what is it they say? ....................... "Don't sweat the small stuff!" it is irrelevant, your ALT is normal ok it moves a bit but its is in normal range so means diddly squat, hee haw, naada (means nothing). Keep on living and living well and happy. :)

My hubby and I never get to know a single one of his blood figures, we just get told it blips out of range and then just as quick can blip back in again and he's waiting for a transplant. We don't need to know what the actual figures are we just have to get on with life the best his current liver lets us.

Best wishes to you for the future, live happy and forget about these blood results, they are just causing you anxiety and it in itself can lead to chemical imbalances in your body.

Katie :) xxx


Katie, thank you so much for all of the great advice! I'm going to tackle this fatty liver and WIN at some point. Liver enzymes now normal and this year's ultrasound looks much better than last years, although I still have a moderate amt. of fat in my liver. Doctor said it could take another year or two for it to reverse. So, I'll continue toe eat right and exercise! How are you doing?


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