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Liver transplant and MGUS

Hi all, I have NASH cirrhosis, currently well compensated. It was found on a full blood screen that I also (possibly co-incidence but maybe related to the cirrhosis) have MGUS(monoclonal Gammography of Unknown Significance). This increases the chances of getting Myloma, but still only 1%/year. Various papers show no increased(possibly decreased) incidence after TP., so should not be an issue. Has anyone had the same issue?


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Hi Dorset. Can you expand on the relevance of a TP in your case. You don't say if you have had a TP or are listed for one.


Good Afternoon,

The risk of developing myeloma is likely to decrease because by having a TP your are taking away one contributing risk factor however, there are a lot of other risks involved with having a TP.

The Progression of NASH Cirrhosis can be stopped and your liver health improved by stopping the cause of the cirrhosis.

NASH can be caused by several things drinking over the recommended daily guidelines, being overweight and some medications can also be a factor. Taking steps to improve your liver health such as drinking within the recommended guidelines 2/3 units per day (no more than 14 units a week), eating a healthy diet and taking regular exercise to improve your BMI or under guidance from you specialist stopping the medication which may be responsible.

I would suggest speaking with you doctor and agreeing the next steps and your treatment options, try to take positive steps.

If you would like any further information please do contact me further.

Kind regards


Patient Support and Information Manager


Hi Sandy, thanks for the reply. Hopefully the MGUS will not be an issue. I started out with fatty liver & I spent 2 years with a gastroenterologist who had said simply ensure I stick below the drinking guidelines. Which I did anyway. Since 2013 I was then diagnosed with NASH Cirrhosis. I have cut out alcohol completely, am very careful with diet & take more exercise.

It would be great if I can keep the cirrhosis at bay

Thanks again



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