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How many injections for HCV GenoType 4?

My mother (aged 58) is on PegInt + RBV therapy. Initially she had 32 Lakh VL which dropped to ~250 after 4 weeks and we get her rechecked after 8 and 12 weeks and both times VL was NIL. She is in 19th week of therapy. Did she really need to complete 48 weeks or shorter duration is possible? Also to add she is IL28B C/C genotype.

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Hi hope your mother is coping it can be hard..i am geno type 4and the treatment has to be 48wks in order for it to get a better chance of being cleared..hope this helps.


Hi arun, there is a really good support forum specifically for people with questions about Hep C treatment at The people on there are right up to date with treatments and will be able to give you more information about treatment length. It does vary country to country and consultant to consultant though, as in the UK we get the treatment free whereas i would imagine you are having to pay?


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