I am having an MRI scan in a few days on my liver. Will they only scan my liver?

I've not been diagnosed yet my MRI is on tuesday. I have been having lots of symptoms with stomach etc since March this year was already on 6 monthly scans due to hereditary hep B. In April had a severe episode I don't know what it was and my GP refused to send for any tests advising that I suffered from psychosomatic pain. It is only by luck that on one of the routine ultrasounds they have found an abnormality with the liver and now sending for MRI on liver. I am worried that they will only investigate the liver and exclude stomach, lungs etc. I get sudden breathlessness muscle tightening, pulsating in stomach and chest. Think I have been bleeding fresh colour blood but not sure if this is coming from gums or GI seem to have swelling of stomach which feels like its pushing down on my bowels and bladder etc. has anyone else had these symptoms I'm scared its portal hypertension and will burst before I get any treatment or I have another episode the same as in April.

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  • Hi ingart. What they scan will depend on what has been requested. How is the MRI described on your appointment letter? For example does it say "MRI Liver with contrast" or does it say "MRI Liver spleen" or does it say "MRI Abdomen" or "MRI Abdomen Pelvis" etc etc. I think its unlikely that a MRI for your liver will scan your lungs.

  • Thanks Bolly- it seems pretty clear then that they will only be scanning my liver as that is all that is written ie MRI for Liver. I was hoping that should they investigate the liver they would check gall bladder etc and further investigate if necessary

  • I'm sure the scanner will pick up your gall bladder and other abdominal organs, but the radiographer checking the images may have only been asked to check your liver. When you go through the check in process in the MRI department, you could try asking them then and perhaps they could make a note on your file to check the gallbladder too? Or ring the department now and ask them, there should be a telephone number on your appointment letter

  • I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis at 24, my bi annual scans on my Liver include the Spleen area to monitor my Portal Hypertension.

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