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Just a quick (I tried!) hello & intro

Hi all I am 44 (lady though questionable) and from Norfolk with 3 lovely (mostly) kids spanning 3nearly 4 to my 16 yr old just doing his GCSEs.

In 1994 I became bed ridden overnight which ended up with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It took me years to conquer the symptoms enough.

in 2005 while just 4 weeks pregnant I contracted a virus which attacked my organs and I very nearly died.

This one event had 3 (most likely) outcomes, I lost a twin, my pregnancy was a nightmare and my daughter had many issues due to a blip in development and I nearly lost her many times. And I got autoimmune hepatitis.

So zoom forwards 9 years I am on 100mg Azathioprine and 10mg Pred. I started the gym last year and have fetching biceps and lost 2 stone (take that steroids) my daughter is amazing with no long term effects though she has had 4 surgeries and more to come.

My liver is ok but never been under control no cirrhosis at last check.

I do not dwell as I have been fighting ill health for 21 years, I have a lovely job and life is good. Just really painful and tiring sometimes.

I have a consultant visit next week so lets see whats next...

I tried brevity. ..


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Good to meet you and love the name Star. Onwards and upwards eh, whatever life throws at us!


Welcome aboard Al, you'll find a lot of good folks on here and lots of good advice and support when you need it. There is also a specific AIH forum on the go who have a lot of great and knowledgeable folks and they've just started a closed group on Facebook which is getting a lot of hits.

AIH site is :-

All the best to you, hope things continue to stay fairly positive for you. My hubby is just about to be assessed for a transplant following a diagnosis of cirrhosis caused by AIH so hopefully you manage to keep the cirrhosis at bay.



Hi there,

Despite all, your sense of humour shines through. It is like a breath of fresh air. All the very best to you.

Life can be really crappy without humour.

Bless you.


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