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Hi. I was diagnosed with NASH or non alcoholic cirrhosis in 2009. My spleen is enlarged but my liver test results are still low normal.I

I feel like every day I am taking the flu. In the past 6 months I am hurting badly on right side. I saw my Dr and he didn't seem concerned. I also am cramping in my hands and feet.Anyone else having this. I also have severe nausea.

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HI, sounds similar to symptoms I had before my liver transplant. After all the test it turned out to be P.B.C. ( Primary Bilary Cirrhosis) my bile tubes were blocked in my liver. Don't forget we are not all the same. This was caused by my own immune system attacking my liver. Always here to chat..


Listen, NASH is not Non alcohol cirrhosis. You need to find out what you have. NASH stands for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. It is liver inflammation caused by a buildup of fat in the liver. I think you may have cirrhosis and that. Your symptom (especially the cramping in hands and feet) occure with cirrhosis. Never heard of it in NASH. Again, NASH can progress to cirrhosis and you need to find out if you have cirrhosis because just being diagnosed with NASH doesn't mean you have cirrhosis as NASH does not mean cirrhosis in anyway. All your syptoms are saying bad liver problems in my opinion.


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