Hi I'm here again still no further on from 2011 when they found my left sided diagphramic liver herniation. I'm now feeling quite ill,

The only person who is interested in me is the Indian Dr who wrote the article on Pubmed, which Bolly told me to look at. I feel that because of my age, 59 , they think I'm to old to help.they're just going to leave me. I'm constantly vomiting and my immune system is low. Is this the end of the line?

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  • I had a liver transplant when I was 67 so you are not too old. I would pursue the issue with vigour. Make a nuisance if no one is responding. I would think that you should ask for a referreral to a liver specialist as well.

  • Thank you. I have pestered for three years to see a liver specialist, but they keep turning down the funding requests for me to from BCUHB to England to see Prof Lodge who says he will see me if I get funding! It's not going to happen BCUHB are tight!

  • no this is not the end of the line and we are with you all the way, just keep the strong faith that one day things will get better, have you try any herbal medicine may be it could be a cure.

  • I saw a gastro consultant who says my symptoms are not related to my liver, but my stomach! I'd rather hear it from the horses mouth that it's not my liver, everyone is stopping me, I'm hitting a brick wall all the time!

  • Hi Stumpy, they don't generally give up. I'm 62 and am still under active monitoring and consideration. Chase them GPs and, when you get a referral, chase them and find out why there's little being done to help you with your condition. Remember, its' you we're talking about not just a set of symptoms on some medics sheet. Good luck, Phil

  • My GP is fantastic, he is very helpful, it's the consultants that don't want to help me. One surgeon in BCUHB keeps telling me he would kill me if he operated. That messes with my head. They just pass the buck!

  • Hi Stumpy

    I guess its the hernia that needs surgery, not the liver. Prof Lodge works in Leeds as a liver surgeon, is that right? Have you run out of possible general surgeons who would consider surgery on the hernia?

    Here is a case report of a 61 year old with a right diaphragmatic hernia that was treated surgically (in Morocco), so I'm sure there are the surgical skills in the UK for this but it may be that you have other underlying health problems that make your survival in the operating table too risky for surgeons to consider?

    "Case report:

    A 61-year-old female with a past medical history of laparoscopic fenestration, one year ago, of a huge right liver benign cyst presented to our department with right upper abdominal and thoracic pain without vomiting. Chest x-ray showed an elevated right hemidiaphragm. Abdominal examination was normal. Computed tomography CT- scan showed a right posterior diaphragmatic hernia and passive atelectasis due to an ascent of the colon with corresponding mesos and Omentum in the chest cavity. Laboratory tests showed no abnormality. After coeliotomy through right subcostal incision and reduction of the herniated organs, a defect 10 cm in diameter was found at the central tendon of the right diaphragm. Direct herniorrhaphy of the diaphragmatic defect was easily carried out. The patient had an uneventful postoperative recovery and the thoracic drain was removed on the second postoperative day. The patient was discharged on the seventh postoperative day"

  • Hi Bolly. I've seen two upper GI surgeons. One keeps telling me he'll kill me if he operates because he didn't have the confidence, experience or backup team to carry out this operation! The second surgeon spent six months testing me for reflux which I'd not complained off! He did an manometry test which was ok. So he refered me to the pain clinic! That was two years ago! Since then, I've developed nausea and vomiting which has made me lose weight! I've lost my appetite , and only eat because you have too! I'm due to see the first surgeon again on May 7th, but he'll only tell me again that he'll kill me! All this has done my head in. I really feel like giving up and throw in the towel! The BCUHB are horrendous and won't help me. I'm still overweight at 15st but i used to weigh18 st 3oz! I don't make myself vomit, I can enjoy food, taste how lovely it is, but my body rejects it! I'm thoughoughly cheesed of, I. Running out of fight and nobody will stand up for me! I might just aswel do myself in! It's hopeless. I'm so weary of it all , I know there are people who are seriously ill, and it must be terrible for them, so I feel that I shouldn't go on about myself, it just gets me down vomiting all the time and I've had five anti sickness drugs and none have worked! My mind is in a terrible place at the moment, so I'm sorry for going on! Please forgive me, I'm so sorry!

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