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hello all. fat liver advice please?


hi all ,

after a routine blood test came back with high alt , my doctor sent me on a ultrasound test that showed a fat liver .

I don't drink spirits but a regular four pack of beers 4 or 5 times a week for years and only to excess on holiday xmas time to canary islands and maybe one week during spring or summer again no spirits but the larger is kronenburg 5% my fav.. maybe im one of the unlucky ones any advice would be great .since my result a little over a week ago ive had no beer but feel dizzy weak and tired maybe its this paws everyone is talking about ? many thx

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hi-join the club-re PAWS -depends how long you'be been drinking-for me 30 plus years so no surprise-don't worry about PAWS too much-if it is PAWS the symptoms will soon disappear. Best thing is to stay off the beer for as long as you can-lets say 6 weeks and see how it goes-at the very least keep within the weekly max 21 units preferably 10 units max and see how it goes. You may be surprised how well you feel after 6 weeks of a new regime.


How about if you can manage 6 weeks as suggested by briccolone, you stop altogether? Your 4 pack 4 or 5 times a week was probably more than double the recommended weekly allowance and apart from lots of wasted calories does your liver no good at all. Give it a go and let us know how you a re getting on. Mike

Hi, a fatty liver can be down to lots of things, your diet, lifestyle, overweight exercise, the the list can on. Your liver does over 500 jobs every minute and is very complex. Beer contains Ethinol if you google it will tell alI you need to know. I don't think you should stop altogether that is your choice, but take it to 1 or 2 times a week and reduce what you drink on those days so if you have 4 cans drop it 2. Once I started to educate myself on my liver after the damage had been done, was amazing, and I would not have took my liver for damage, fatty liver is reversible, so please look after it. Hope this helps you

My first question is what was the value of your AST? ALT? what is your weight (BMI)?

The ultrasound would have given you a reading which you need to remember for the next time.

Well first fatty liver is in most cases reversible and while every case is different you should attempt a lifestyle adjustment now.

I too had a shock when my ALT was high 75 and I carried on for a year drinking lots and it went to156 and I had an ultra-sound which confirmed a fatty liver which was still soft & subtle. I was told to diet, exercise and cut out alcohol. I was 103kg, 6'2" & 60 yrs.....I cut out all lose sugar, cut down red meat, ate more vegetables, no butter, no alcohol or fizzy drinks and I power walked 7 miles a day and in the first month I lost 12kg, ALT dropped to 92 ....exactly 4 months later with no alcohol and 7 miles a day walking exercise my ALT is 29 and below the max 41 recommended.

All this means is that your liver cells are able to regenerate themselves at a faster rate than they are deteriorating. I am not saying do exactly the same as me but if you stop alcohol, and exercise, lower your sugar & fat intake your liver will smile.........finally fatty liver is not caused by fat, it is caused by excess sugar that your body cannot use so it puts it converts it into storable fats and "banks it" in the liver. I am now down 20kg at 83 kg feel great and I am having a glass of wine occasionally or a pint of beer. Good Luck!

Stop drinking. If you have liver failure and may require a transplant,you stand no chance of receiving one if you are taking alcohol. I should know, I had a transplant due to alcohol. I have not drunk for past 5 years.


Just reading about your blood results. My husband was the same as you never drank spirits only beer just the way you have been, The highest percentage beer he drank was 4%. He too had a blood test and he was also quite shocked as he never regarded his drinking as being any way abnormal. His Dr never sent him for an ultra-sound. He did cut his drinking down eventually but by that time it was too late he developed cirrhosis and. He went into liver failure and died on New years day. He had stopped alcohol completely for about 2 months before and was doing well but it was too late he went into liver failure and died. He was 57 years old. Please stop alcohol completely for a while it is not worth it.

briccolone in reply to megan1

sorry to hear that Megan-very sad-you're quite right of course-some people need to be weaned off alcohol-because suddenly stopping can cause other problems-that's why I'm suggesting gradual reduction. In the end alcohol is a poison-all depends how much of it you ingest over a long time

Hi, add the others have said its actually unlikely to have been caused by your drinking and is more likely Wright related.. This can mean losing a lot of weight quickly as elk add being over weight. Cut down the days in your diet but not all. I have done two Weeks on the give and two diet (2 days a week only 500 calories, normal the rest) and not only have I lost weight but some of my liver damage is improving. It will never cure me as I havescars on and in my liver from surgery a well add nash. as long as it slows things down its a plus to me. Try not to worry ironically that will make things worse.

If you manage to reverse your damage we will all be really pleased for you. If you don't, them welcome to the club. X

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