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I have had cirrhosis for about 3 years and gone through the usual problems.

I have now got very High Blood sugars which look like diabetes,

Has any one had experience of what the treatment is and what it means for my long term outlook.

The www appears not to help of or have lot of scary stuff on it. I have been attending the QE2 in Birmingham but I am see a local diabetic consultant tomorrow and was a little concern that they are fully up to date on treatments for cirrhosis suffers

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I don't know but I am in the same boat. I have cirrhosis and my blood sugar runs at between 13-26 mmol each day. My doctor said it is not diabetes, just something that happens with liver patients.

If you get chance to update this thread after your appointment I would appreciate it or I can send you my email address.

Good luck. I too have been scared by internet 'answers'.


OK visit complete and I have been put on a single insulin injection

My bloods are about the same as yours and the consultant considered in definitely needed treatment

An injection being the best and least harmful way of doing that.

I am visiting the QE2 on April 16th at a clinic with Liver and Diabetic Specialists who cover this whole thing, which will give me chance to verify what was/is the best treatment My wife is Diabetic and has been for many , if you need to know anything is my e mail


Thanks for the update. I have been checking. Lol.

That sounds sensible and doable. I had gestational diabetes where I needed to inject insulin.

I am due to see a dietician in about 2 weeks. I think I will keep a record of what I have eaten and my blood sugar levels. Plus mention what has happened in your case. Hopefully she will be able to get me referred or get my doctor to take some action as such a high bg level cannot be good.

Thanks also for the contact email. I will use it if I need it. Best wishes. JoJo.


I had 'glucose intolerance' for some time which then developed to full blown diabetes which has been caused by taking prednisolone for a long time. I also have cirrhosis and take a cocktail of medications. For the diabetes I take gliclazide. There are definitely options to control diabetes with cirrhosis. I have always had a fairly sensible diet but it does help to cut down on sugary and fatty foods. If you want to ask anymore, please feel free to get in touch :)

all the best



Thanks for that information, I will see the specialist later today.

I looked up gliclazide and the www reckons its not suitable for patients with liver problems!

Hence my concern do I not necessarily trust the www.

At least I can ask


I tend to steer clear of searching these things on www

I always make sure that my liver consultant is involved in all areas of my treatment and it was her that suggested gliclazide as opposed to the more commonly used metformin. I also make sure that any health professional I see is aware of all the medication I take so that any new meds prescribed can be checked against them to make sure there are no clashes.

As long as your consultant is fully aware of every aspect of your health, they will prescribe safely. I am monitored regularly to make sure that everything is still running smoothly.

Good luck at your appointment today- write things down that you want to ask and make sure they answer the questions fully! :)



Nobody can tell what your diabetic status will be post transplant.

However I'll tell you what happened to me.

In 2015 I became seriously I'll and was diagnosed with cirrhosis. Rapidly dowhill from then on. In August I was further diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Immediately on insulin 4 times daily and pretty much uncontrolled.

Forward to March 2016. Transplanted. Two months later my HbA1c came back in the non diabetic range by a big margin ( 31 )

Well done being listed and good luck,



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