Nash ,Sphincter of Oddi and pain

Has anyone experienced pain under right breast as if rib is cracked also the pain goes into back...I have Nash and sphincter of Oddi disease, gall bladder has been removed so not that. Can it be the liver enlarging? I have got to see Doctors in 4 weeks time but I have had pain before but never like this.Anyone got any thoughts? I have had Nash for 9 years now and on last check up just inflammation and fat on liver .

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  • Have you been checked for autoimmune disease? I was investigated for right side abdo pain and elevated liver function tests for 2 years, my hepatologist was keen on my having my gallbladder out and on my having mrcp for sphincter of Oddi when I finally got diagnosed with lupus. Once the lupus treatment started to have effect the pain disappeared and the lfts went back to normal. No more problems unless I have a lupus flare and the cycle starts again but I can live with that, at least I know what the problem was!

  • Yes I have been checked for Lupus as my sister suffers from that .My recent blood test show High Gamma GT and high ALP so is is consistant with Bile blockage but never had pain like that before!

  • At the age of 15 i was diagnosed with gall stones so they removed the whole thing, the only problem was, was that one of the stones were stuck in one of the pancreas tubes so when they got that one out it left me with pancreatitis, plus sphincter of oddi which can be caused by the removal of the gall bladder hope this helps

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