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I have a Decompensated liver, cirrhosis, fatty liver, heart needs a stent put in, but was told I can't have one due to my liver being so bad

I am 53yr douse anyone think I will be refused a transplant. One doc said yes and 3 docs say no as I am to far gone Ha ! I feel so much better now it seems sad I may never get a chance. Has anyone had one done with the same things I have or near to them. Thanks

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Hi Ruby, sorry to hear this. I don't know a lot about transplant criteria and hope someone comes along who does and can help you. All I do know is that you have to be well enough to withstand the surgery at the same time as having a sick enough liver, so perhaps in your case there are other health issues, like your heart, that would make transplant surgery too dangerous?


Oh Thanks Bolly, I thought it would be my heart, as when they said they can not put a stent in. Well it's a case of witch ones going to get me first. I must say it would be better if I went due to my heart, than that awful way by the liver. Oh well see you on the other side, I mean live/with/cirrhosis lol xx(Fran)


Hi Ruby, have your doctors recommended you to a transplant team? I had an episode of SVT last year (racing heart beat) and the docs wanted to 'zap' the part of my heart that was causing the problem. They couldn't because of the TIPPS procedure I had in 2010. I was still referred to King's liver unit for an appraisal to see whether I could receive a new liver. The tests were many and varied, ranging from lung tests to CT scans to a C-Pax test on an exercise bike. I thought that my racing heart (normal for me was 95 BPM) would count against me getting on the list. But, because I maintained regular exercise the heart problem didn't count against me. BTW, the transplant 'cured' the heart! Now resting heart beat is around 70. Don't lose hope, keep pressurizing your Docs! All the best.

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