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Chinese medicines for itching

Hi all,just wondered if anyone here has tried alternative meds,ie Chinese herbal teas and acupuncture.? I ask this as I visited one in Manchester and am now trying the herbal drinks,

A bit expensive but nothing ventured nothing gained, I felt I have to give it a try, in an effort to stop my itching so far I've tried everything recommended on here, numerous visits to Gp

Etc etc, contacted my consultant and he wrote to me telling me to stop taking co-trimoxozole

And he would see me in two weeks and possibly refer me to a skin specialist.

I will keep you informed as to any progress.

Thnks for reading look forward to your replies take care

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Hello Gizmo326,

You rightly say 'nothing ventured nothing gained' but in my view taking herbal remedies without first discussing with your Doctor or Consultant could leave you losing much more than you actually gain.

I am under the impression that a large number of herbal and other alternative medicines could be hepatoxic particular in advanced stage liver disease and that includes some that have traditionally have always been considered good for the liver. As an example lmany people swear by liqorice and or dandelion but the evidence is that they could be extremely dangerous to liver disease sufferers that have iron overload problems

If you have not read or had access to Dr. Melissa Palmer's book "Hepatitis & Liver Disease All You Need To Know'" It could be well worth obtaining a copy and having a read. She devotes a long whole chapter discussing Herbs and other alternative therapies .

My view is to always err on the side of caution but you may have a quite different approach.

I hope you can get that frustrating itching problem solved and soon.

Best wishes and good luck


Hi Gizmo326. I concur with everything said by findasolution; if it's not been tox tested then ask the doc/consultant. Some things will increase the damage to your liver other things will only damage your wallet!


Hi Gizmo I agree with Ph1, I have spent a lot of money on all sorts of things. I told my consultant and if looks could kill well that told me, she keeps saying just stay away from the drink (and I have) still gone to a grade C but I was told 8mths ago I needed a transplant, I turned it down and told her that I have no help from home to get me though that, and you are so poorly after that you do need help, have to say after being back in hospital 2wks ago I ask the consultant in there that was looking after me about having a transplant, he came back and said that I was better off with the liver I have now. Did he say that as it is to late I will have to wait and see. My husbands family got me a Biocera Anti- oxidant/Alkaline jug for taking toxins out if all water from your tap, it comes with a filter that you change 6mts they use this in china also use it in all there hospitals to aid healing. I take lactulose but since drinking this water I go to the loo 3-4 times a day, also feel I want to get on and do more things.You can only get this on the internet but all I talk to swear by it, after all its water keep cold and its really nice, even use it for hot & cold drinks. Have a read see what you think good luck x


If anyone finds an answer for the itching I'd be so greatfull! I'm fed up of being kept awake with the itching on my arms, it makes my life miserable. Yes I have liver disease and no, I don't drink and never have!!



I was told by my consultant to keep cool, I get it really bad on my legs and feet, I put lots of E45 on then keep feet out of bed. this works for me you can only try. Good luck


Boy can I relate to the itching. I have it worst on my back between the shoulder blades. The one place that is inaccessible without the aid of a back scratcher. A recent Fibro Scan showed 7.4 Kpa which is only in the Fibrosis 2 range but still I itch like crazy. Gastro thinks borderline early Cirrhosis but can't understand why I itch so much. I do have Gilbert's syndrome which causes elevated bilirubin so perhaps a little fibrosis on top of that is a recipe for itching. Anyway, the only thing I find relief from is Aqua Sooth or Derma Cool. It's a 2% menthol cream which your GP can prescribe and the relief although very temporary is immense.i could not live without it nor my wonderful other half who applies it on my back for me. :-) One thing I do notice is that if I have any kind of infection such as a cold then my itching is worse. My theory is that bilirubin levels are elevated when the body is fighting even the common cold. Whatever the reason, don't suffer needlessly. This cream is can be prescribed by your GP and is perfectly safe for long term use. It is available in different strengths but I feel the strong 2% menthol is best.


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