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Is Tratuzumab alone covered under Insurance in India

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My Wife suffering from triple positive breast CA

The Insurance company New India Assurance denied Tratuzumab after 6 cycle of Chemo saying alone Tratuzumab not cover under Insurance. Kindly help me out

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Appeal to the grievance cell of your insurance company but they won't do a thing so then take the matter to the insurance ombudsman who gives a fair ruling usually in my experience


Are you able to get the approval from insurance company?

Hi Bala,

I am helping out my aunt who finds her claim for Herceptin meds rejected by the Insurance company. I am a lawyer, so definitely not letting this deficiency of service slip. My plan of action is to get the rejection in writing, and proceed with the ombudsman process. I will let you know soon on the progress of the claim. I am ready to approach the Consumer Redressal Forum if the Ombudsman rejects my claim.

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Thanks for ur response , i have a mail from insurance company on rejecting Herceptin med, will soon approach Ombudsman on this.

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That is the best in-writing proof you have. Let me know if Ombudsman rejects your claim. I will take it up pro-bono at the Consumer forum. (no solicitation intended)

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bga1 in reply to RN4Help


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