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afraid of reoccurence of cancer

my mother diagnosed of breast cancer at pt2n1m0 stage 1node involved and she is erprher2 all positive and I am afraid of reoccurence every day every time she is getting treatment from tata memorial hospital by dr sudeep gupta and getting ACTH PRotocol can any one give me some hope regarding reoccurence

regards vikash kumar

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Only one Node is positive; a vast majority of people at this stage do very well, don’t worry. Your mothers treatment is in the hands of one of the best Medical Oncologists in India; Dr. Sudeep Gupta is fantastic. Even when I wish a second opinion for my own patients, I send across to him. ACTH is a time proven protocol. Works very well.

So all in all, don’t worry. I can understand the thoughts about recurrence. I would have had them too had I been in your place, no doubt. I can assure you, your mothers treatment is in one of the best hands, is on the right track, she is getting the best protocol and her stage is not advanced. Within no time, she will be all fine and back to normal, don’t worry at all! Take care. I wish a speedy recovery for your mother.


heartly and respectfully I am very thankful for your kindness sir you and your fellow friend are providing a nice and best platform to interact with some of the finest hearts regard

vikash kumar


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