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Is it harmful?

Paclitaxel(paclitero or intaxel)+trastuzumab(hertraz) cycles are going on.The doctors protocol is 120mg of paclitaxel and trastuzumab 100mg. I used to take 260mg (INTAXEL multi dose vials) and 1hertraz(440mg) vial for every 3 cycles.after every cycle i store them in my fridge. For first 6 cycles I took INTAXEL multi dose vials and hertraz vial and stored.but for 7th and 8th cycle I took 2 PACLITERO 260mg(single dose vials)and I'm storing them in the fridge.i didnt recognise that it was single dose vial.today i noticed it.........

1. i used 1 single dose vial for 2 (7th and 8 cycles)cycles is it harmful.

2.what is the exact difference between single dose and muti dose vials

Sir Sumeet and Rohit help me.

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Please check with your doctor! Believe me, you won't be the first person who has made a mistake in dosing, but it is important that the doctor who knows your case knows exactly what you took so that adjustments can be made if needed.

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Certainly no harm

Consult and report this to your doctor

Let him take the final call

His job is to ensure all goes well and there is no harm caused.

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Thank you sir .but did it work for the second time.does the single dose vial work for the second time I stored it in the fridge and used it for the second time .does the second time use of a single dose vial as effective as the first time.


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