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Confused Cancer or Non Caner Tumour. Can somebody confirm me if this a Cancer do we need to go for Chemotherapy or Radio Therapy

Confused Cancer or Non Caner Tumour. Can somebody confirm me if this a Cancer do we need to go for Chemotherapy or Radio Therapy. Please help me

Findings of the Report

ONE LARGE SPECIMEN Brief Clinical History: Post menopausal swelling right breast. Core biopsy : Spindled cell proliferation which could indicate stromal overgrowth in phyollodes tumor. Specimen: Simple mastectomy. Macroscopic Description: Simple mastectomy specimen measures 28.2x18.6x12.4cms. Attached skin measures 22.4x11.4cms. Skin, nipple & areola appear unremarkable. Serial sections across show a large, grey white lobulated tumour measuring 27.1x15.6x12.1cms with few gelatinous areas. This lesion is seen at a distance of 0.2cms from anterior skin & at a distance from 0.1cms from deeper inked margin.The lesion is at a distance of 0.6cm,0.8cm,1.7cm and 0.1cm away from other resected margins. Adjacent breast parenchyma shows grey white areas of fibrosis. A - Nipple areola, B - Tumor with skin, C - Tumour with deeper margin, D - Tumour with normal surrounding parenchyma, E to H - Tumour (G - Myxoid areas), I - Areas of fibrosis, J,K,M,N,P - Tumor with nearest inked surface.(rebits) Microscopic Description: - Sections from nipple skin & areola are free of tumor. - Sections from tumor show stromal hypercellularity with focal stromal overgrowth.. Stroma is composed of spindle shaped cells with nuclear atypia. Mitoses is around 10-12/10hpf in most mitotically active areas. The ducts appear dilated & elongated lined with a bilayer of cells with periductal increase in stromal cellularity.focal usual ductal hyperplasia is seen. There is no evidence of necrosis seen. Stromal sclerosis is noted in some areas.Margins appear non infiltative. - Tumor is less than 0.1cms away from deeper margins.

Diagnosis/Comments: - Right simple mastectomy shows features suggestive of a malignant phyllodes tumor. - Deeper margin is less than 0.1cms away from tumor. Kindly discuss with undersigned.

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Hello Badrinath. In the comment its written malignant . It means cancerous. Do consult Oncologist


No role of chemotherapy.

Your oncologist will recommend Adjuvant Radiation Therapy treatment


The report mentions this as ‘malignant phyllodes tumour’. It will surely need adjuvant radiation therapy. Standard guidelines do not mention any role of chemo but there could be some trials with new drugs going on. Please discuss with you Oncologist who will help you understand this and also guide you on why and what further treatment may be needed.


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