what is ''CTC'' . where it is done in INDIA,HYDERABAD.Im exhausted searching whether this test is done in india or not.

sir could u please help me

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  • I don’t do Or recommend CTC, so I don’t know. Maybe you could ask the doctor who suggested that to you.

  • sir i came to know about CTC(circulating tumor cells) from the net.i just want to know any recurence test for HER2+ patients.

  • Please do not take decisions on your own. It can be very harmful and you won’t know how to interpret. You must meet your Oncologist and discuss all this.

  • ok sir i will.thankyou

  • Dr. Google will scare you to death! Stick with reliable resources like breastcancer.org CURE magazine, which can be read on line, also has some articles specifically about breast cancer.

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