Osteoporosis prevention injection

I have started taking estrogen blocking tab and is advised to have 6 month once injection for preventing osteoporosis. I have the option of intra venous which is cheaper and subcutaneous one with lesser side effects but costly. Any suggestion which one i should opt for. Thank you

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  • I have not heard regarding this injection. Lets see what our Doctors tell

  • I am on letroz now started 10 days back. I was asked to come 15 days for the osteoporosis prevention injection and once in 6 months thereafter. I have the option of cheaper one which is intravenous and costlier subcutaneous one . I was wondering which one to opt for.

  • Both are equally good. See what fits your budget and your convenience

  • Thank you so much i was told that the subcutaneous has lesser side effects

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