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Info and price of herceptin

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Hi, my closed one is suffering from liver cancer which originated from breast cancer. Doctor had inform on giving her herceptin as a cure. Can i know the cost of herceptin her how how can i purchase this medicin Thank you for your help

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You can get hercepti indian version from 41 to 43 thousand each vial of 440mg in addition to it some of the pharma companies run a support program wherein you can get one vial free after purchase of 5 vials

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kontakTeamBCI in reply to km0902

Hi - welcome to our forum - pl inform where you reside

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andywhw in reply to kontak

I am from malaysia. Can you assist me on this?

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andywhw in reply to km0902

Hi km0902, thank for the info. 43K under which currency? How much if convert to malaysian ringgit? Where can i get this medicine. I mean from which dealer?

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DebRoy in reply to km0902

Are you talking about Canmab 440mg of Biocon?

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Dear Andy, If i may clarify and let you know, that this drug would not CURE someone Breast cancer which has spread to the liver. (This is Stage IV metastatic Breast cancer).

Herceptin is indicated to be used in combination with Chemotherapy (Taxanes ideally) till evidence of progression. She would have CT scans regularly every 3-4 months.

Your doctor could perhaps help you with the cost estimation based on the body surface area (Dose needed).

If you would be unable to afford please consult another place or hospital or another oncologist, where Herceptin could be purchased at a reduced price with some help / support from the pharma companies.

I wish your closed one, all the best for her treatment !

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andywhw in reply to roxboxfox

Hi roxboxfox, thank you for your sharing. Indeed, my loved one is ungdergoing herceptin with taxotere chemotheraphy. The usage us based on her weight as well. Is this the correct way on mixture? Will this help in killing and spreading of the cancer? I am now facing financial proble. On getting herceptin and i may wish to know if i would be able to get a lower price through some dealer. My oncologist doctor advise me on getting in from india market as the proce will be much more cheaper. But i do not know any dealer to contact with. Seeking for assistance.

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I am not too sure whether you can procure Herceptin in India and take it there. If that was possible, so many people would be buying it from India and ship it to their countries. For some countries, it is more than 20 times cheaper here. Pharma companies or distributors do not and cannot ship it outside of India; there are extremely stringent rules and regulations governing the pharma drugs including cancer drugs. From what I know, you will have to buy Hercepin from there only. In India, the MRP is 75k, but people manage to get it for 20k less either from distributors or from schemes.

I would suggest that you talk to distributors there in your country and see how you can get it for less. The one person who can help you there is your Medical Oncologist.

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andywhw in reply to sumeet_shah

Hi sumeet_shah,

Thank you for your precious sharing. My oncologist recommend me to get from india market with distributor which i may need some help here to know whose can i approach. He do not have contact or any link with the distributor. His proposal to me is getting to find it myself. I would appreciate if those who knows the distributor able to share with me. Really thankful for all your help.

Hi all, thank you for all your precious input. I would like to know how to recover WBC? After 1 cycle herceptin and taxotere, on 2nd week. My loved one WBC drop to almost below 1. Which doctor had given her an injectiom to boost the bone generating mor WBC. Instead of giving injection, do we had other source or means? Kindly advise me. Thanks

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Hi injection only is given to boost the WBC

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andywhw in reply to kontak

Hi kontek,

You are right. The injection is to boost up the WBC. Other than injection, is there any other ways or means? Coz the injection gives a side effect to my love ones. Effect like dry and crack of skins from the mouth and lips.

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If this is coming quite heavy on you financially, it is very reasonable to reduce the Docetaxel dose to 80% or what that matter even omit Docetaxel completely and just continue with Herceptin, which may times we do in such scenarios with Stage IV Breast cancer, where quality of life is equally important as well.

with regards to finding Distributor in India , perhaps you can just google via and type Herceptin Distributor, you may find something from the first top 3 results, but as Dr Sumeet mentioned, there may be legal implications of exporting, and more so, there is always a sense of suspicion as to how genuine are these medications purchased online.

All the best !

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