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Im samara newly diagnose Bc stage 3 er pr neg and her2positive.

I am stage 3BC metastasis to nodes post right breast mastectomy to follow RT .prior to chemo i was her2 negative er pr positive .but after surgery the histopathology came out her2 positive and er pr negative its really happening i was confused for the result.any one can advise me thanks .

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Don't really know.

Discuss with your oncologist. He would be the perfect person to guide you here. He will discuss with the pathologist and sort it out.


Samara, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Make sure you talk and work with a doctor specialized in breast cancer care at a major University Hospital or a good larger hospital. For Her2+ breast cancer you have many treatment options so stay optimistic (there has been so much development and there are many medicines and drugs to work with this kind of breast cancer), so be diligent and active in your treatment and follow it through properly, exactly as per your doctors orders. You do need to take this seriously and get the best treatment as soon as possible.

Work closely with a breast cancer specialized oncologist.

Hang in there. The diagnosis is the hardest part. When you're taking your treatment, tell them to follow up with scans to see if that specific treatment is working and if not, then to alter the drugs in a timely manner.

You will be fine! Take care!


Hello Samara, I am not an doctor but i am pretty sure that the hormone receptor status will change after years when you are having hormonal tablets like femara or tamoxifen.Please make sure that you are going for an second opinion or an another hormone receptor status test


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