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Should I Get Checked

I have fibroadenomas in my both breast.My doctor advised me to not have a surgery let it be and gave me vitamin e capsules and get it checked after 6 mnths. I didn't get much satisfied so after 6 months i consulted another doctor.In this 2 years I consulted 4 doctors out of which only 1 advised for surgery which i didn't get.

Now the left one was near my nipple..And it shifted it's place, it's little under my nipple now..I have pain in my both breasts..should I get it removed?

Or checked for breast cancer

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If you are symptomatic and life is difficult with these lumps, perhaps would advise Excision of these lumps.

Let's seek Dr Sumeets opinion as well as he is a surgeon (oncologist) and deals more often with this problem than me ( as an oncologist)


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