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Infection in lymphedema arm

Infection in lymphedema arm

Dear Dr

Three days back l had rashes on my lymphedema arm which increased by next day.l also had tenderness in the elbow which is still there. Dr prescribed antibiotics for ten days. Rashes have reduced but elbow pain is still there. My questions are

1 Is this type of infection life threatening?

2 Is there any surgical technque to treat lymphedema? What are the success rates?

3 If not, what are the other treatment options?

4 What is lymphoscintigraphy?


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Dear Anju,

It seems you need to have a consultation with a team from Tertiary Cancer Care centre to answer your questions, who would take a detailed history, examine you carefully and advise you about the best state of the art options available to you locally.

You need to find such a centre close to you or one that is feasible to visit.

All the best !!


Thanks doctor


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