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mother in law having infiltrating ductal carcinoma


i m from mumbai my mother in law having brest cancer. in mamography it's show infiltrating ductal carcinoma. tumor size is 1.2 cm x 1.5 cm .as per oncologist it is initial stage of breast cancer. they are not financially sound so they started their treatment at parel. she is also having g6pd .

medical team of hospital saying we can give her trastuzumab injection to her which is free of cost.but i m worried. is it necessary to her.

please suggest

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It's good to see that the cancer is in initial stages; she will do well, don't worry.

Whether Trastuzumab is necessary or not, cannot be decided HERE on this forum. Your Oncologist will guide you. Follow him, as they say. And if you still have doubt, you can always take a second opinion. Stick to Tata Memorial Centre, where I believe she is taking treatment.


The key behind deciding that is the pathology report, and some further questions:

* What are the receptors? ER (estrogen receptor), PR (progesteron receptor), HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2). I assume HER2 is positive, otherwise Trastuzumab wouldn't be considered, it's tied to HER2. Is there any scoring of HER2 positive?

* Are the lymph nodes affected?

I can only say what the guidelines would say, and they differ between countries.

- Kaare


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