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FNAC report of my mom

FNAC report of my mom

First of all, I would like to express my sincere regards to the kind of support and advice being offered by the community members. Also someone like Dr Sumeet Shah (highly respectable in breast surgery) and other doctors are taking time out of their busy schedule and guiding people like us with their immense expert advice. Hats off to you Dr Sumeet sir and other doctors, who are in true sense, the real saviors of mankind.

To discuss about the recent turmoil in my family, my mother was suggested USG of both her breasts, post which FNAC was adviced.

Detailed FNAC report is attached.

It would be highly appreciable if the experts in the forum could help interpret it for me, the severity and the next course of action for us. Are there chances still that it is not cancer and another testing should be performed?

Also, we are not able to cope up with the high cost of treatment and are looking for subsidized options of treatment. We came across Tata Memorial Mumbai and Tata Healthcare Kolkata which provides high quality treatment at highly subsidized cost. CMC Vellore is one our list too since we have heard about the quality of treatment and an economical option. (Please note that, high quality treatment along with an economically viable option are two equally important options for us and we have to look at both of them equally.)

Though my initial research on the internet revealed that the waiting period in these places can be 2-3 months on an average (may be more) and situation of the patient worsens in this waiting period (based on reviews available on the internet). Also, there have been some reviews posted by users that the majority of cases (including private ones) are taken up by junior doctors and things get out of control in few cases.

I have a sincere request from all those who could guide me to approach these places for subsidized cost of treatment and any feedback/ reviews would be highly helpful. If any of you/your relatives have had an experience of either of these places, kindly share some reference to those who can pass on their feedbacks.

For information: We are residents of kolkata and have got an appointment for Wednesday with Dr Ahmed in Tata Healthcare, Kolkata for a consultancy .

Kindly pardon me if I am violating any rules of the forum by naming specific institutes.


A son praying for a quick recovery of her mother.

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Hi - its disturbing to hear regarding your mother. Regarding the report Dr will guide. One thing to inform as you are from Kolkatta - pl see you get your treatment in Kolkatta only. If you think of coming to Mumbai - it will be more costly in terms of staying, your travelling etc. As surgeries and chemos will take min 3 to 4 months for completion (if advised) - or if you have any relative here in Mumbai then it can be cheaper


Very sorry to hear about your mother. In addition to good care,expense is also important. I too would recommend you look for treatment in kolkata. In a big private hospital in bombay I have found costs to be extortionate, partly because of a very expensive chemo drug and partly the hospital charges. The Cancer Patients Aid Association may be able to help. I hope this forum can list organisations/trusts/ngos that provide funding for not just poor cancer patients but also those who are better off but have to spend all their savings paying for treatment.


The report of FNAC only tells us that this is possibly a cancer. Nothing more can be inferred from an FNAC report. Your doctor will guide you on detail of staging.

All hospitals you have mentioned are very good. Tata Memorial Hospital In Mumbai has a lot of support system. You can select any of those hospitals without any apprehension.

Don't worry. Your mother will be fine soon.


Thanks a lot Kontak, Sherna and Doc..

Regarding the choice of hospital, we are looking for TMC kol.....My mom has undergone biopsy and some other tests, the results of which are awaited...Thnx again...


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