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RNA blood test to detect, classify and pinpoint location of cancer

In an effort to find an accurate and easy method of detecting and locating cancers, negating the need for invasive cell tissue sampling, researchers from Umeå University in Sweden have developed a new blood test that looks at blood platelets in just a single drop of blood to identify cancer. Results of the method are very promising, with a 96 percent identification accuracy.

The analysis was performed on blood samples taken from 283 patients, 228 of which were known to have some form of cancer. The analysis was able to correctly identify the presence of cancer in 96 percent of cases, and the origin of the tumor was identified with an accuracy of 71 percent. The results also revealed molecular differences in the cancers, which doctors could use to help them pick the best method of treatment for each individual patient.

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Its a good development in caner this will help a lot


Research is surely going in the right direction. Within next decade, I am very hopeful that such blood tests will become a reality and if proven useful, might also be used for screening cancers.


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