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Hi All,

I wanted to write to you regarding a personal case of my aunt who has been detected of Breast Cancer yesterday, she is admitted in DMC Ludhiana, She has been detected with the 4th stage of Cancer and infection has moved to her lungs .

I wanted to ask your advice that is this curable and if her life could be saved . Is it possible for anyone of you to analyze her reports or suggest a reputed oncologist that you know of in Punjab or Delhi or anywhere in North.

Please help.

if possible please reply me soon on or call me on 9599367773




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  • Hi davinwalia - welcome to our forum. Its very sorry to hear about your aunt. There are few members from North - they will help you for the name of the hospitals. Regarding the report - if you can share the reports - Dr Sumeet and Dr Rohit will guide you. Without sharing in detail it will not be possible to comment anything

  • I am not sure of Ludhiana, but there are cancer centres in Chandigarh, you can meet Oncologists there for an opinion. And of course, if you can manage to go to Delhi and around (Gurgaon), there are innumerable dedicated cancer units there. Lets see what the members from Delhi have to say.

    You will need to contact a Medical Oncologist for further treatment options.

    Once you meet a Medical Oncologist, let us know if you have doubts. We are here to help you.

  • Hi Dr. Sumeet,

    Can you please share me your email id so that I can share all the reports with and you can analyze and review it and tell us whether we are on the right track or not.




  • Hi davin sorry to hear that.. dear there is so many cancer hospital in delhi but we don't need a best hospital but we need a best dr. On the basis of my personal experience their is dr meenu walia in max hospital at Patparganj, delhi..but i feel delhi is far so another good option is PGI chandigarh they also has good dr. But this is kind of gov hospital may be there is long queue for everything..regards, manish

  • Hello davin

    Welcome on the forum.

    I'm in Delhi.

    there are so many other members who are from Delhi or who underwent treatment in Delhi.

    Rgci, Dharamshila, Max, apollo, ACH, blkapoor are known to be good cancer hospitals of Delhi.

    You may also find this link useful

    All the best.

  • Hello Davin ..Sorry to hear abt ur my friends suggested there r lot of hospitals in Delhi.And as Dr Sumeet sir suggested u can consult a medical oncologist

  • Hello Davin, sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope you have found or taken a decision regarding the cancer center by now.

    Regarding cancer centers in North, members have suggested the multiple options you have in Delhi. And in Chandigarh, PGIMER is there. We got my mother's treatment done from there recently. But keep in mind that it is generally crowded and you have to wait for your turn. Doctors are really good, we didn't face any issue (touchwood) during my mom's chemo+surgery+radiation.

    Good luck for your aunt's treatment.God be with you and family.

    Regards, Isha

  • Hi All,

    I really appreciate and thank you all for your advice and suggestion , so the state now is that we are waiting for the Biopsy report for the lungs that will confirm how much Cancer has spread into it.

    One Positive thing to note here is that the Dr in Ludhiana told us that the cancer is in very less and negligible proportion found on lungs because of which the Biopsy test is also taking long time and is difficult , but the doubt is that if the cancer is in such less no how can he be sure that it is spread into lungs and it is a 4th stage advance cancer, that is something we are waiting for the Biopsy reports now to see?

    I have other reports that I want to share in the community unfortunately I am not finding an option to do it. The doctor has asked us to take a 2nd opinion on this case with all our reports and please pray for my aunt if she can be cured.




  • Davinder - I would suggest that you change the setting on your original post to community only, as you are sharing information like your phone number. Unfortunately HU makes everyone the setting and it has to be changed. If you have a problem with this I think Dr. Shah is able to do it.


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