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Deep tissue massage

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I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to my liver and spine. It’s not causing me any pain so I wondered if a deep tissue massage was ok?

Not sure why some people say you can’t have one with cancer? Can anyone help?



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Hi Mystree I recently started doing the electro pulse device called Bemer. It really was working on the pain... and my friends hubby the anesthesiologist was using it for bad back pain so I thought great... but then I saw a video of how it opens all the micro vessels which is helpful for healing.... but I worried about it spreading my cancer around... so asked him... and he wasn’t sure but thought that was a good question... so maybe that is the same with deep tissue massage... they don’t want you possible opening up ans spreading Mets?

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Thanks. So hard to know what to do! Will see what my oncologist says.

If you check out people like Kris Carr who has been successfully living with cancer for years (admittedly not breast cancer) she had loads of great tips and has researched her advice well. She actively recommends having massages and confirmed it doesn’t spread your cancer.

As we are now coming out of lockdown I am hoping to be able to have massages at a local centre which actively recommends them for people like me with cancer.

Hope that helps

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Mystree in reply to BigHugs21

Thanks so much! I’ll check her (or him lol) out!

Just an update to say my oncologist has said it’s absolutely fine to have a deep tissue massage. Obviously everyone’s situation is different so do check! X x x

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Actually scrap that! She’s written a letter but it says “light massage” as she would “avoid deep tissue massage”.

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