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Breast shrinkage


Hi everyone dcis treated with lumpectomy and radiotherapy finished treatment March/April this year a few issues re sore breast, hardening that I didn’t know would happen after 6 months but now my boob has shrunk anyone else had this problem.

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Yes mine has 4 years from op. And still painflul boob. X

Yes my boob shrank after radiotherapy.

I am now 10 years post surgery/radiotherapy.

Each person reacts differently to the treatment, but it seems quite common for the area to become tight and very tender.

My consultant said it was due to radiation enduced fibrosis.

I have worked with a really good physiotherapist and over the years have gradually worked via a program of stretches and very gentle exercises to loosen up the muscle and damaged tissue. It’s been a long slog and it’s painful, but worth considering, as the affected area, tends to get worse with time, not better.

I hope that helps and good luck x

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