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BC Caregiver and Patient Survey

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Hello Breast Cancer Haven community, my name is Emma (currently 26 years old) and I am based in Melbourne, Australia. This message is to reach out to the BC patients/survivor and caregivers/supporters.

I am part of a Global Hackathon to create tech solutions to unify against breast cancer - girls-in-tech-hack-challeng... during this uncertain time.

Before stepping into the tech solution, I am hoping to understand the current roadblock or pain points that women are facing today. My goal is to increase breast cancer awareness, early detection/screening, and promote prevention, monitor treatments, and address health disparities especially for women of color.

I have created 2 survey to help me understand further:

1. If you are a caregiver/supporter: airtable.com/shr929SoANEz0H3TH

2. If you are BC patient/survivor: airtable.com/shregAUpYnuYzuCFZ

Any assistance for this tech project to help women in this society would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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