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Hi as you know I’m still waiting results and treatment plan after my lumpectomy. My Daughter gets married on the 25 th April just outside Lisbon we travel on the 22nd and back on the 27th just need to know if any of you lovely people know of a cheap/ reasonable travel insurance company

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Brilliant question! Saw a post ages ago about a good one but didn’t write it down 🤦🏻‍♀️ How are the wedding plans going? Xx

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Hi everything is sorted although she’s stressed because they do everything she just tells them what she wants. I said Shireen that’s how you wanted it 🤷‍♀️ordered my mother of the bride dress is coming tomorrow xx

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😆 bless her!

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How’s the mother of the bride outfit? Hope you’re doing ok xx

I don’t know the answer, but make sure your EHIC is up to date.

Hi Lyngal

Jjust make sure you get the type of insurance you need that will cover your needs... there are specialist types of insurers about maybe the Macmillan help line may be able to advise you

Enjoy Portugal and the wedding

I’ve used Insurewith and found their quotes to be very reasonable. Lengthy questionnaire though on medical condition.

We have used flexicover, all clear and staysure. Note these are all brokers on line. OH has various issues too so can't comment on prices.

Have heard the Post Office good also.

Do declare everything as not doing so may invalidate insurance. I was also told best if whoever you are travelling with uses same company.

If in doubt ring and speak to someone.


I also used Insurewith for my trip to NY

Hope u have a wonderful time in Portugal

Sami 😊

Insurewith provided me with insurance at a very reasonable price. I have never had to claim from them so I do not know how they pay out when necessary. Have a lovely time xx

Shop around, first quote I had post surgery was ludicrous from one of those that specialise in health conditions. Insurewith were good price though, have used them every year since, also good for my partner who has blood cancer and diabetes

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