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Breast cancer reconstruction


I am due to have a breast reconstruction from the fat in my stomach into my breast. I would like to hear of anyone who has had this done because my husband died 9 weeks ago and I need to know if I can take care of myself after the operation. What is the normal recovery time.

Thanks Maggie

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Hi MRK-3 am so so sorry to hear about your husband.

Do you mean a DIEP? -this is when they take the skin & fat from your stomach to form a hew breast. This is what I had done last year. I live on my own.

You can manage on your own but its wise to have someone with you the first week. I have a walk in shower which was fine -I dont think I would've have coped with a shower over the bath. I used a wedge on my bed, v pillow and lots of pillows-these really helped me to sleep. The wedge made it easier to get in/out of bed and also was less stress on my tummy. I stocked my freezer with meals, and did my food shopping etc online. I hired a cleaner who also did ironing & a gardener.

I moved my microwave onto the worktop so less stretching, moved plates etc lower down to avoid stretching high or low.

Hope this helps.....

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No she said nothing of using skin only the fat. Thanks

First I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I had this done last year and it is a huge operation but not unsurmountable.

I would make sure that the staff at the hospital know that you will be by yourself when you get home and don't go home until you feel ready.

Do you have friends or relatives nearby that can pop in daily? The advice given by the previous replies are great.

Take care and I hope it goes well xx

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The surgeon told me it would take less than an hour to perform. I think we might be talking about a different op.

I had this operation eight years ago. It was a big operation, I had three sites operated on so had stitches everywhere. Good luck...I was not on my own but I still would not leave hospital till I felt better.

I found it hard immediately after the operation took me forever to walk from bed to toilet....but I did it...I all alright night and reconstruction ok

Sincere condolences on the loss of your husband.

I had a DIEP flap reconstruction 3yrs ago. Fat and skin taken from my tummy and this made a new breast. It’s a big operation and you will struggle for a bit but good advice not to leave the hospital until you’re 100%ready. Maybe ask your surgeon if this is the procedure she’s going to perform.

Dear Maggie,

If the operation takes less than an hour it sounds more like a Fat Transfer rather than the Diep. I've had both. The reply from 'waveylines' re Diep recovery is spot on. If it's a FT you will be able to manage by yourself, it is more uncomfortable than sore. Sincere condolences on the passing of your husband, it is hard enough having to cope with one of these life changing situations never mind two.

Hope the operation goes well.

Emma x

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Thank you Emma that is what I am having so glad you told me it won't be to bad. Both together is horrendous never thought he would die at 66 just too young.

Far too young Maggie. I am having another FT before the end of the month so if you have any questions about it, before or after your operation don't hesitate to contact me.

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Hello Emmaedeering, how long did you stay in hospital?

I stayed in overnight but I think that was because the operation was done quite late in the day. I really don't intend staying in the next time... I don't sleep very well in hospital. Have you been told you have to stay in?

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Well she said I will go in the day before and get out the day after.

No harm in staying the night Maggie, if you can sleep. Having a couple of meals handed to you is always nice after an operation!

But the food is rubbish in Bordeaux. And anyway I don't have an appetite since Gordon's death.

Hello and I give my condolences to you and your family for your loss. I had my double mastectomy and breast Reconstruction done all together and my operation took well over 10 hours and a hospital stay of 5 days this past April. The worst part was the Tummy Tuck! I will say if you can get help, do so as you will need the help getting up and down. I mean everyone is different and I say just go in with good thoughts and get as much info as possible. Remember THIS as well. The PAIN WILL GO AWAY! Keep a positive mind and know everyday will get better. And yes, my areolas we're removed and replaced with some of the stomach tissue and I shall be getting my Nipples soon. Hopefully this month! Blessings

I don't think a tummy tuck is involved they are just taking the fat from my stomach and injecting it into my breast. And nice to hear you are getting better and hope everything goes well with you're nipple reconstruction. xx

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