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Is it skin cancer


I am frightened stupid, I’ve had a 2cm crusty area on my left breast for over 3 years, I have a 5 mammograms on that side, as I had a right side mastectomy in October 15, I was told it was age spot, so didn’t worry, I am in Cyprus on holiday, and this area has started to itch and get bigger, I have booked to see a dermatologist on Wednesday, could have gone earlier, but got family staying, so don’t want to upset them, I’m convinced I’ve now got skin cancer, and so worried. Any advice please!

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Hi, I know your worried, it's comforting to know you have had quite a few mammograms on that side, I know your mind can run away with you, if it's worrying you that much try to stay out the sun as much as possible that could aggravate it, if possible but some skin cream i.e sudacream, maybe something from a supermarket, try that, don't like and prob it that will not help, and if your still in doubt, definitely go to your dermatologist app, put your mind at rest .x

Parker1438 in reply to Vgrady76

Thank you, I’m going to the appointment, I need to know what’s it is.

I know your worried , but make sure you go to the appointment. They can do so much now- it might not be as bad as you think .

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