I am 10 days post mastectomy and lymph node clearance, I have had a wound infection which has made me feel quite poorly, pain and raised temperature but thank goodness settling. I have had a seroma drained 3 times already and building up again. Does anyone have experience of this and any advice, I seem to be making hard work of this and it is only the first stage.

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  • Try not to feel down,similar happened to me,your not making hard work of it,these things happen.Take it easy enjoy the sunshine,and get in touch with your support team if you feel worse. I needed 3 weeks of antibiotics,and painkillers,but it did ease. Try to do you exercises, but don't over do it,as it's still early days,(but believe it or not they really do help) not only with movement,but with drainage.

    Take care, it really is early you will start to feel better once the infection has cleared.xx

  • I am 6 months post same op and yes had drained three times and infection high temp I have still a small seroma but each day it's changing I think it's more common with an implant I have in place x rest and take it easy I found soft bras best now Pilates helping movement and drainage take care love maggie

  • So hard to succumb to the necessary recovery period.

    I had similar, had to be drained three times. It's very uncomfortable and certainly feels like something has gone wrong. It takes time to heal! Exercises and gentle massage does help.

  • Thank you,

  • Yes I had the same ! I had an implant introduced while waiting for radiotherapy before I could have reconstruction ! I had several seroma and had several drained ! Good luck in your journey. My op was in 2010 !!

  • I had a huge seroma from my lymph node surgery befor my mx. I couldn't even put my arm down! It gets better. Once it was drained, it only took a few days to feel "normal" again.

  • I am off to have my drained 4th time today !!

  • Hi there, I too had seroma which took a while to ease. We are all individuals and our bodies react in different ways so don't worry, it is nothing out of the ordinary, just the way our bodies deal with things - we are special :-) xx

  • I understand how you feel very few of us go by the "rule book" of surgery! All I can suggest is listen to your body and rest. You have had bad news and a huge op within a short space of time. Things will get better and soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately the path there may not be straight but you will get there! Xx

  • Thank you, still having Seroma drained, just had 4th time but feeling tremendously better. I do find all you ladies so supportive and helpful, thank you x

  • I also had to have seromas drained 3 times. The best was when it was done under ultrasound guidance-160 ml of fluid. Definite relief from the discomfort straight afterwards!

  • Sorry to hear about your rough trot. My wound was going great until a few weeks ago and I notices a build up. Had an ultrasound and it's a seroma- six months later! I'm not impressed. Doctor said if it's not bothersome (!?!?) it will gradually dissipate. He said if I draw it off, it will just come back!

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