Hi Everybody

I have not been on here before but would love some advice.

I attended hospital for a throat problem which turned out not to be cancer. However, they noticed on a scan that I had some mark on my breast which they needed to examine. I am attending that appointment tomorrow and wonder what exactly they will do. I was only told about this cancer concern yesterday.

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  • Not able to offer any advice but sending good luck wishes your way for tomorrow x

  • Firstly try and not to worry until there is something there to worry about. If they have spotted something it may be that they have caught it very early. For now, as impossible as it seems, try relaxing and taking your mind off things until you know more. In the meantime I am sending you all positive thoughts, a big hug and all the best wishes in the world that it will end up being nothing to worry about. Take care and good luck. Lainey66

  • Hi covnanny 💐

    I'm sure you must be anxious, are you going to the Breast Clinic? If so it's a kind of one stop shop, they can examine, do Scans, Mammogram's or biopsys if required, so just be prepared for a long appointment, 2-3hours depending on what you have to have done. Wear an easy remove top & trousers as if it's Clinic they tend to put you in a gown so it's better if you wear trousers.

    Please try not to worry yourself unduly if you possibly can, wait until you have the facts & know if there really is an issue.

    Please let us know how you get on? You don't say how old you are, have you had a routine Mammogram before on the Screening Program.

    Thinking of You 🌺

    Mrs N

  • Thank you all so much. I was actually really, really scared but I could not let my family see that. I thought I would not guess then results until I had been told but I have not slept for the last 2 days and I am shattered. The Hospital staff were absolutely lovely - kind and efficient. I could not fault any of them. They did all the tests mentioned by MrsNails . (By the way, I was 70 in December) And It turns out they are almost 100% sure it is a Fibroadenoma which I have probably had for years. However, I will have the results in by next week.

    If I do get the final all clear, at least this has given me an insight into how stressful a time it is for all those involved. My prayers are with you all.

  • Wishing you all the best for next week covenant. Do come back and let us know, there are wonderfully supportive and incredibly helpful people on here.


  • Thank you all so much. It Is really cheering that so many people wish others well. I will let you know the final results and, if they are not as good as hoped, I will just cross one hurdle at a time.

    God Bless everyone of you at this time.

  • Hope you get the final all clear in the very near future x

  • Thanks Jennymary. I hope so too. It is such a stressful time for women and, to tell the truth, I never realised how awful it could be. Of course, you always think it wont happen to me but sometimes it does and we just have to go forward one step at a time. I think it was upsetting the family which was worst for me and wondering what would happen to my old dog.

    There is so much awfulness in this world but I have now seen some of the kindest people too.

  • Hi Covnanny, well it is sounding much more positive for you and I am delighted. I am keeping everything crossed that it will be as good as the nurse expects it to be. Yes times can be very worrying. I have the 3rd of my three monthly appointments next month and already things are playing on my mind. Every ache, pain, swollen gland is a fear that the cancer has returned. When I feel low I busy myself and have lots of cuddles from hubby and my best pal. I try to keep my worries to myself as much as I can generally though. I keep busy by writing, painting, walking, reading and sometimes curling on the sofa with a hot chocolate, my bravery blanket that my sister made me that makes me feel all cozy and snug and put on a good movie. Other days - bad ones - I go for a drive, Mostly to the beach and walk at the waters edge just having a good old wail. It all helps. I try to see the funnier and lighter side to life as it would be all to easy to give up. I am hoping that next month on the 20th they tell me all is good and put me onto six monthly appointments. Now that would be good. Keep positive and I have everything crossed for you. Hugs. Lainey xx

  • I am praying that things go well for you. You must be so stressed out. I see you enjoy painting. I am a retired artist although I still paint. I specialise in pet portraits mainly but love landscapes too. What medium do you use? I use gouache watercolours and oils on canvas. See my website petportraits.org

    You keep your chin up but why shouldn't you have a yell about it now and then. It is a hard road to travel.



  • Wonderful work! Those are beautiful, all of them! I love love love the pinny gig!

  • Thank you so much for those words. I used to have guinea pigs and, in fact my two great granddaughters call me Guinea Pig Nanny.

    Just off in a few minutes to get my final results. I have been told they are 99.9% sure they will be OK. Just hope I am not in the .1%.

  • Hi everyone,

    Just got my final results and I am fine. However, my prayers are with you all on your journeys. Hope nobody minds if I keep in touch.

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