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reconstruction problems 5 years on

I had a back flap reconstruction with an implant and am having lots of nerve pain to the extent that I am considering having it removed. Does anyone else have experience of this problem? This was 5 years ago and it is not going to 'settle down'. Anyone aware of alternative approaches now to creating a breast that doesnt hurt? I dont realy want to go back to being one sided again......

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Sorry cannot help as I have not had reconstruction but hope you get some answers soon to help your situation. I did have a lumpectomy and lymph node removal 6 years ago and I have found that over the past year I have had some pain on and off - I think it is probably due to the nerve endings knitting together and starting to work again but I am no doctor. Have you spoken to your doctor?


Thank you - I am going back to my consultant next week to see what can be done so fingers crossed I have some options...


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