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Very worried neck and head pains

Hi to you all. This is the first time Ive posted anything on here but I could really do with some advice and support right now. A month ago I was on holiday and woke up not been able to move my neck, the pain was horrendous and I couldn't move, the pain lasted the rest of my holiday, although I still went around as I didn't want to spoil ig for my friend. When I came back I went to work and the pain is now in the back of my head.

I went to the docs and im booked in for an XRay on Tuesday. The doc thought it might be one of my vertebrae as I have thinning bones due to taking Aromosin.

Has anyone else had this or know what it might be, im getting very worried.

Thanks in advance for any replies xx

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Hi Rhodes, it is not easy but try not to worry. Im having radio at the mo but i also have arthritis on the spine, i envisage this deteriorating as my treatment progresses. I do get pains already and try not focussing on it or i would have myself dead and buried, wait for test results and try keeping yourself occupied while you wait, again I know it is not at all easy. Good luck and I wish you all the best x


Hi and thanks so much for your quick response. So sorry to read your posts and have seen what you have been through. I will try and keep busy and see what the xray reveals. Good luck to you too thanks x


The waiting is the worst. I think we all have different aches and pains which we think maybe something gruesome. As Lainey66 says just try and keep busy. Hopefully things will not be as bad as they might seem. I have recently finished radiotherapy and gave a scan on Thursday and have to wait until July 6th for the results. Fortunately I had a holiday booked for next week so I am hoping I can try and put it to the back of my mind. Good luck with the xray and hope the pain starts to improve soon. Here's a hug from me xx


Can I ask what scan you are having? I do not seem to be having any check up scans


I am having a CT scan. It is over 3 months since I finished radiotherapy and,I think they leave it for a few weeks as it carries on doing it's job. I don't think I had a follow up scan for many months after my initial diagnosis and subsequent lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy. I remember being very worried at the time but all was well when I did finally have a CT scan. Unfortunately it came back which is why I have just had to have more radiotherapy. You don't say what treatment you had and how long ago but if you are really worried and think you are due a scan, do you have a contact such as a breast care nurse or ring the oncologists secretary. Hope all is well x


Hi chrissie, thanks for the reply and hug. Im sure it wont be anything sinister but as you say we always think the worse. Hope you have a fab holiday and all the best for your positive test results julie xx


Hi. I experienced something similar. It turned out that one of the discs in my neck was the problem . I hope yours is something easy to help.


Hi rhodes, the X-ray will show if it's a structural issue (bone related) and if not it could be muscular or neurological pain. Just be glad that your GP is keen to investigate further rather than palming you off with painkillers. It means they will help you to find a solution x


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