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Hi all,went to see my consultant yesterday,he was very pleased with his handy work regarding the reconstruction,it's healing well on both sides,I didn't realise how tiring this second bout of surgery would be,but seeing as I've got lots of internal stitches,it's not surprising,I sailed through the mastectomy,but having to be careful with both sides,been told won't feel normal for a good 6 months(that's a small price to pay). I hadn't noticed how many speed bumps,and pot holes there are in the roads before,I sit in the car holding myself,but the good news is I don't need to see him until my next mammogram,which is October,he's asked if I want him to create a nipple,but I'm not really bothered,his time could be better spent on somebody else,I feel so lucky ,relieved,I keep crying and I don't know why. I would just like to say thank you to everybody for all the good wishes and support,and good luck to all of you,we all deserve it,stay strong.Xxx

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  • Brilliant news Parker 1438, enjoy your life over the next few months, try not to think about the C word until nearer your mammogram (easier said than done I expect) xxxxxx

  • Great news. You are entitled to have a cry after everything you been through. Stay well xx

  • Really please for you x

  • Yay Parker you go girl! What a star, well done for getting through such a difficult journey. I totally get the constant crying, that was me last week when the Radiologist discharged me to come back annually for 5 years. I think it's just the relief of all those fears being put to bed (for a bit anyway). Time to move forwards with your life now and enjoy every day, stay strong xx

  • Thank you, I just felt a bit of fraud and very daft,but ok now,good luck as

  • Great news xx

  • Brilliant news Parker1438, glad everything went well.!! 


  • Good news,  take care you have come so far you are a strong lady & its good to cry sometimes x

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